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Wall Wraps

Wall wraps offer an outstanding format which highlights even the subtlest details. At London City Airport we design each one to ensure a flawless appearance that guarantees full-on impact. 

To present a truly immersive passenger experience, clients can also combine wall wraps with use of our Digital Screens.

Using this format to share your message with our flyers offers rich opportunities to run detailed creative artwork. 

And because sustainability underpins our production values, we use advanced eco-friendly materials for our wraps (and Lightboxes) which can be recycled at the end of your campaign.

Lift Shaft and Staircase Lintel

This iconic ad opportunity ensures you dominate our main space from its location in the centre of the terminal, visible to all departing passengers. The site covers the central lift shaft and lintel around the main staircase leading up to passport control on the first floor.

Lift Shaft and Staircase Lintel

East Pier Glass Wall Wrap

Want to grab attention with a standout campaign? You can do exactly that when you advertise along the East Pier corridor which leads passengers to all flights leaving from the Eastern departure gate.  

This vast coverage offers a fantastic opportunity for a sole advertiser, as well as the added bonus of combining the site with the West Pier Lightboxes which lets you target 100% of all airport departures.

East Pier Glass Wall Wrap

Arrivals Wall Wrap

This attractive full-height wall wrap offers clients a wonderful opportunity to brighten the entrance to the airport’s brand-new Immigration Hall. 

Its sleek environmentally friendly design clearly targets all international arrivals and lends itself brilliantly to dynamic, elaborate artwork.

Pre-Immigration Wall Wrap

Domestic Wall Wrap

A wall wrap which clearly targets passengers entering the airport from domestic flights, making it a great choice for advertisers keen to focus on domestic arrivals. 

The site offers full exclusivity, along with an excellent opportunity to target travellers in an area with extended dwell times.

Domestic Wall Wrap